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Co-working space

Beehive Varna Co-working space is a place which gathers a group of people who work independently but share the same values ​​and interests. Beehive involves a shared working environment, often office and multiple training events and activities. Unlike typical office environment, the co-working spaces are not employed by the same organization, each member hire desk and chair and has access to high speed internet.

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Events and lectors

Our team is focused on building a community of entrepreneurial thinking young people who develop innovative projects in Bulgaria. In order to achieve that, we organize plenty of free educational and social events as lectures, workshops and networking with successful business people. The subjects we cover are related to entrepreneurship, marketing, tech, IT, finance, business, design and culture.

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Beehive's team organized more than 100 free educational lectures and events in 2015. Most of them were focused in the IT sector, finance, business, startups, innovation, culture, marketing etc.

What else do we provide

Strong internet connection

Hot Coffee & Tea

Friendly working environment

About us

Co-working space is an office, in which everybody with a liberal profession, freelance activities or small business, can rent a desk for a day, week, month or year. Co-working spaces are great opportunity for these of you, who need a computer to realize their projects – designers, journalists, writers, translators, developers and others. In co-working spaces you can share ideas, experience, start new projects with other co-workers or just work independently, without getting distracted.








Cups of coffee


1 person

Working space + coffee, water, tea & Wi-Fi

Normal Premium
1 day 12BGN
1 week 50BGN
1 month 120BGN 150BGN
3 months 300BGN 360BGN

2 persons

Working space + coffee, water, tea & Wi-Fi

Normal Premium
1 day 20BGN
1 week 80BGN
1 month 220BGN 250BGN
3 months 400BGN 450BGN

3 persons

Working space + coffee, water, tea & Wi-Fi

Normal Premium
1 day 28BGN
1 week 120BGN
1 month 350BGN 380BGN
3 months 700BGN 750BGN

4 persons

Working space + coffee, water, tea & Wi-Fi

Normal Premium
1 day 40BGN
1 week 160BGN
1 month 450BGN 480BGN
3 months 950BGN 1050BGN

Premium* - fixed working space + free access to all Beehive events

You can rent our meeting room

for 2 hours for 3-4 hours for day
Bee Meet

(Capacity: 10 persons)

20 BGN / hour 15 BGN / hour 80 BGN

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